Welcome to MGH Parish Nursing

Providing the resources to support and transform the health and healing mission of the faith community.

The Philosophy of Parish Nursing

Parish nursing is a specialty practice and professional model of health ministry distinguished by the following beliefs:

  • The parish nurse role reclaims the historic roots of health and healing found in many religious traditions
  • The parish nurse lives out the early work of monks, nuns, deacons, church nurses, traditional healers, and the nursing profession itself
  • The parish nurse is committed to spiritual formation valuing all persons to be sacred and treated with respect and dignity
  • The parish nurse advocates with compassion, mercy, and justice
  • The parish nurse supports the active pursuit of personal and community health
  • The parish nurse defines health to be a dynamic process which embodies the spiritual, psychological, physical and social variables of well-being
  • The parish nurse practices within a faith community ministry to transform and be a source of health and healing
Parish Nurse Program