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Parish Nursing Roles

  • Health Counselor

    Ways that a Parish Nurse is a Health Counselor

    • Personal encounters with a parishioner 
    • Answers for health related questions
    • Hospital after care support
    • Visits at church, home, hospital, or nursing home
    • Pre-procedure assistance and explanations
    • Individual/group health teaching for health concerns
    • Wholistic health assessment of body, mind, and spirit
    • Enlists other professionals as needed:  clergy, counselors, physicians

  • Support Groups

    Ways that a Parish Nurse is a Developer of Support Groups

    • Recognizes broad range of life stresses requiring coping strategies
    • Small group facilitation/support/training/resource
      • Single parents
      • Marriage encounter/support
      • Grief and bereavement
      • Care giving
      • Substance abuse/addictions
      • Victim of…
    • Referral for community support groups

  • Health Educator

    Ways that a Parish Nurse is a Health Educator

    • Health screenings – B/P; blood draws for cholesterol, lipids, PSA, glucose; depression; cancer
    • Educational seminars – exercise, diet, stress management, pain, chronic health problems, etc.
    • Health promotion activities – aerobics, group walks, Walk to Jerusalem
    • Health resources/pamphlets/handouts
    • Bulletin boards/newsletters/bulletin inserts
    • Healing services

  • Trainer of Volunteers

    Ways that a Parish Nurse is a Trainer of Volunteers

    • Training volunteers to assist families in crisis
    • Coordinates nurses who assist with screenings
    • Facilitates the use of teachers, social workers, physicians, and counselors to help with congregational needs and educational sessions
    • Coordinates congregants who help with respite care, transportation, food ministry, prayer chains, etc.

  • Referral Agent

    Ways that a Parish Nurse is a Referral Agent

    • Locates community resources – Social Services, WIC, Cancer services, dental assistance, Women’s Shelter, housing, etc
    • Communicates with discharge planners, chaplains, physicians and other key healthcare workers
    • Teaches concepts related to Parish Nurse practice
    • Develops in-depth knowledge of church and community resources – both public and private

  • Health Advocate

    Ways that a Parish Nurse is a Health Advocate

    • Supports and defends the parishioner’s health needs, rights, and values
    • Affirms and validates the parishioner and family within the health care structure
    • Provides assistance in understanding the health care process – multiple physicians, medications, transfers, types of healthcare facilities, long term care placement, etc.

  • Faith and Health

    Ways that a Parish Nurse is an Integrator of Faith and Health

    • Recognizes and practices the power of prayer in the lives of individuals and families
    • Provides spiritual assessment and direction as appropriate
    • Enlists clergy and other key spiritual leaders when needed – grief, unforgiveness, fractured relationships
    • Facilitates transformative spiritual healing
    • Coordinates public and private services for healing
    • Eases suffering, brings reconciliation, increases coping, and enhances spiritual well-being